Propane Gas Pricing Plans

BUDGET PLANS: We have convenient payment plans, which allow you to spread the costs throughout the year, rather than having them concentrated in the heart of winter.  Costs are based on your previous winter’s consumption and are spread evenly over a 10 month period starting in July.  There are no annual fees, no interest charges, you receive the best Cash Price and delivery of your propane is automatic.  To enroll, simply contact us today.  Enrollment each year in June.

PRE-BUY PROGRAM: Klasen McQuiston Energy Corp. offers special pricing on bulk propane that is paid for in advance.  Purchase as little as 500 gallons or your entire winter supply at a substantial discount and we will deliver all winter long.

CAP PROGRAM: We have “insurance” for our customers for rising propane prices.  Sign up for this program to receive a guaranteed maximum price you’ll pay for fuel, and if the market falls you will receive the lower price.  Take control of your propane costs today with Klasen McQuston Energy Corp! Sign-up for this program only available through August 31, 2015.

Click here to download the 2015-16 Propane Cap and Prebuy Pricing Plans.