Propane Gas

Klasen TankPropane is used in over 50 million households as well as many businesses for water and space heating, indoor and outdoor cooking, clothes drying, and backup power. Additionally, many industries increasingly choose propane to cost effectively fuel vehicles and equipment while lowering emissions.

Produced domestically, clean burning Propane or LPG as it is sometimes called, is a popular choice because of large capacity or portable storage options. It’s easily and safely trucked to our customers as a liquid and piped throughout the home in its gaseous state for a variety of uses.

Klasen McQuiston Energy Corporation will promptly deliver Propane Gas to your business or residence. We deliver and fill 100 lb. cylinders to 1,000 gallon tanks and anything in between. We’ll be happy to set up a tank suitable for your specific needs. We fill portable 20 and 30 lb. Propane tanks at our location in Cochranton.

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