Motor Fuel

Klasen McQuiston offers delivery of a variety of quality motor fuels to your home, farm, or business such as:

• Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel B2 – Undyed
• Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel B2 – Undyed Premium
• Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel B2 – Dyed
• Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel B2 – Dyed Premium
• Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Premium Dyed
• Gasoline E10

Our Un-Dyed Diesel Fuel is for on-road use, meaning all State and Federal road taxes have been paid.Gas Pumps1 It is Ultra Low in Sulfur content at 15 ppm or less and contains Biodiesel (B2).

Our Premium Fuels contain an additive specially designed to keep injectors clean, disperse water, and provide superior improvement of cold temperature operability. B2 indicates the fuel contains the 2% Bio-diesel minimum.

Dyed Diesel Fuel, for off road use only, used for farming and other equipment, is less expensive because it is exempt from State and Federal road use taxes. Ultra Low Sulfur (ULS) Dyed Diesel contains no more than 15 parts per million (PPM) sulfur. ULS Dyed Diesel can be used by Municipalities because those entities are road tax exempt.

E10 Gasoline, is available, commonly used in motor vehicles and is 10% Ethanol.

Klasen McQuiston also sells Dyed and Un-Dyed Kerosene for various uses. Our Ultra Low Sulfur, Un-Dyed Kerosene is a favorite clean burning fuel preferred by those who use oil lamps and Kerosene heaters.

Even with so many different options and requirements choosing the correct fuel doesn’t have to be difficult. Call and talk to the professionals at Klasen McQuiston and we’ll help make sure you get the right fuel for your needs.

Please call for current prices or to schedule your delivery of Gasoline, Diesel Fuel or Kerosene.
We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week, access to gasoline, on road diesel and off road diesel at our office with our special Codelock Card system.  Get the product you need, when you need it with one monthly bill. Call the office for more information.

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