Heating Oil

Larry2Fuel Oil, Kerosene, Mixed Blend

Heating Oil is a dependable, safe, and environmentally friendly means of heating your home. A single gallon of fuel oil produces up to 140,000 BTUs of heat, is very stable, and non-explosive. Efficiency ratings of newer oil heat furnaces are in the 85 to 95% range and properly maintained last up to 30 years.

A common sized heating oil tank is 275 gallons and is filled with a similar petroleum product as is used in diesel engines, however home heating fuel is dyed red, indicating un-taxed. Taxed fuel, for vehicular use, is un-dyed, indicating all road use taxes have been paid.

Klasen McQuiston Energy Corporation is a quality conscious company. As such, we purchase only the highest grades of heating oil. All fuel oil, dyed kerosene and mix we sell contains an advanced additive designed to provide benefits such as:

• Keeping nozzles clean to maximize energy savings
• Preventing sludge formation and maximizing filter life
• Removing water to prevent rust and corrosion
• Helping to reduce soot and odor
• Superior cold weather fuel flow protection